Studies for people with disabilities

Studies for people with disabilities are possible at GWSP and are an example of the University’s openness. We try to adapt the education process and organizational solutions to the needs of people with disabilities. We direct our activities to:

  • people with a disability certificate,
  • sick people who do not have a disability certificate, whose health situation is confirmed by medical documentation,
  • people temporarily unable to participate in classes as a result of an unexpected illness or accident.

Studies for people with disabilities at GWSP offer support tailored to the individual needs of the student, after analyzing the information provided by him.
Different types of support are possible:

  • In terms of the organization and course of the education process – it is possible to obtain an individual organization of studies (IOS), under which the Dean determines the deadlines for completing courses and semesters of study. In agreement with the person conducting the classes, the Dean may release the student in whole or in part from the obligation to participate in the classes, at the same time specifying the conditions for crediting these classes. Forms of credits and exams, after consultation with the teachers, may be adapted to the needs and abilities of the disabled. It is possible to record classes and lectures. After agreeing with the teachers, it is possible to use electronic contact to a greater extent than usual (e.g. for consultations, including term papers).
  • It is possible to help in obtaining materials necessary for studying and devices that facilitate studying. A disabled student may apply for a special scholarship for disabled people. He can also apply for material support provided for students of GWSP: a social scholarship or the rector’s scholarship for high academic performance. The student can also count on the help and support of the University when applying for financial resources from non-university funds offered by PFRON.
  • On the GWSP campus there is a large parking lot for several hundred cars, including places designated for disabled people. There is an elevator in one of our buildings.

Disabled people who want to take advantage of the offered forms of assistance should contact the Dean, submit relevant documentation and formulate their expectations. The support received results from the relationship between the disability and difficulties in implementing the study program.

Are you deaf or hard of hearing? You can start your studies with us and get higher education. You can also increase your competences at various types of workshop courses! At the Upper Silesian University of Entrepreneurship in Chorzów, we will provide you with the best conditions for studying. See what we have prepared for you on a special video for deaf or hard of hearing people.


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