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Practical accounting with elements of human resources and payroll is a specialty for every person interested in professional knowledge and skills, which entitle them to keep company confidentiality documentation and to participate in making decisions shaping the current economic and financial situation and securing the future of companies and institutions. Working in positions related to accounting, human resources and payroll means belonging to a small group of highly specialized personnel of companies and institutions. For many years, there has been a constant demand for this type of knowledge and practical skills in the country and in the region, and our graduates are highly valued by employers. As part of the Practical Accounting with HR and Payroll Specialization, a training program is implemented that will prepare you to conduct accounting and reporting, determine employee duties in various positions, operate remuneration systems and settle the company's employees with offices. Studies at the specialization shape the ability to apply legal provisions relating to accounting, taxes, work and remuneration. Classes in the specialization are conducted on specialized financial and accounting programs, the PAYER program and HR and payroll programs. The studies end with the defense of the BA thesis. A graduation diploma is the basis for continuing professional development in second-cycle studies or post-graduate studies.

Characteristics of the specialty

The aim of education at the specialization Practical accounting with elements of human resources and payroll is to acquire professional knowledge and practical skills in the field of accounting, taxes as well as human resources and payroll in various economic units and institutions. Students acquire basic knowledge in the field of economics, organization management, marketing, as well as finance and accounting. Graduates have the necessary knowledge to analyze the current economic and financial situation of the company. Expanding knowledge and developing skills in specialty subjects includes bookkeeping and preparation of financial statements, tax settlements, HR and payroll documentation and other issues. Specialist knowledge in the field of human resources and payroll concerns the duties of employees of these departments, remuneration systems, employee settlements with the Tax Office, PFRON, social and health insurance of employees. Classes are conducted with the use of financial and accounting programs as well as HR and payroll programs, including the Płatnik program. After graduation, the graduate is able to keep accounting records in organizations using specialized software. Has the skills needed to keep employee records and calculate payroll. The graduate is able to interpret and apply the provisions of the balance sheet law, tax law and labor law. He also has knowledge of ethical business conduct. Bachelor's studies also develop social competences, such as the ability to shape one's own development and responsible participation in professional and social life.


Graduates will find employment in all types of production, trade and service enterprises, as well as in social, public institutions and non-governmental organizations. Graduates are prepared to work in such positions as accountant, accounting specialist, financial analyst, as well as chief accountant or financial director. The acquired knowledge and skills enable employment in human resources and payroll departments, also in a managerial position. After obtaining additional qualifications, a graduate may also obtain the qualifications of a statutory auditor, tax advisor or internal auditor. Thanks to the acquired knowledge and skills, the graduate may also start and run his own business.

Study programme

Bachelor's studies in Practical Accounting with elements of human resources and payroll include, among others:

Selected subjects:

  • Financial accounting
  • Responsibilities of employees in human resources and payroll departments
  • Taxes in running a business
  • Labor costs in accounting
  • Reporting
  • IT in accounting
  • Remuneration systems and keeping payroll documentation
  • Employee insurance and health and safety regulations
  • Reporting
  • Selected issues of the labor code, civil code and administrative procedure
  • The use of computer systems in human resources and payroll
  • Management accounting
  • Declarations and settlement of employees with the Tax Office, ZUS and PFRON

Selected lecturers:

  • prof. dr hab. Andrzej Klasik
  • dr hab. Andrzej Piosik
  • dr Jolanta Bernais
  • dr Kinga Hoffmann-Burdzińska
  • dr Anna Karmańska
  • dr Sebastian Koczy
  • dr Krystyna Królik
  • dr Magdalena Pieńkoś
  • dr Blandyna Puszer
  • dr Andrzej Sołtysik
  • dr Adrianna Tajchman
  • dr Katarzyna Tkocz-Wolny
  • mgr Małgorzata Gliwa
  • mgr Maria Puls
  • mgr Robert Raś
Language teaching lasts for 2 years of study. Scholarship system: By choosing this specialization, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the scholarship system available at our university from the first year of study. Depending on the situation, you can take advantage of the Rector's Scholarship, Social Scholarship and the Scholarship for people with disabilities. You will decide whether you will use the money from the scholarship to cover the tuition fees or for any other purpose. If you have any questions about the scholarship system, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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