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Game design is a specialty for anyone interested in various types of games, who wants to turn their passion into a path of professional development. Today's times are a dynamic development of games, there are more and more new companies operating in the gaming industry and related industries. There is a spontaneous development of the computer games market with high sales dynamics. Games and other events are organized as part of the broadly understood esports, which attract players and a large audience. Due to such events as Intel Extreme Masters, Silesia has become a region of the computer games industry. The growing gaming industry and its market entail the creation of new jobs. This is a great opportunity for any gaming enthusiast to turn a hobby into a profitable activity. As part of the game design specialization, students will create game designs. It is the student who decides which path he wants to go - whether to focus on computer games, applications for smart phones, virtual reality or maybe ... board games. Classes are conducted, among others by specialists from the Academy of Fine Arts and practitioners using digital tools. They will prepare the student to create a product with market potential, which will allow them to defend their bachelor's thesis, obtain higher education and open the possibility of successfully finding themselves on the labor market.

Characteristics of the specialty

The Game Design specialization teaches the student to create concepts, develop game mechanics, logic of the game and create scenarios. The graduate will gain knowledge in graphic design, modeling, image processing, computer and board game design.


Graduates of the Game Design specialization will be prepared to undertake independent artistic and design work. They will be able to find employment as game designers, in graphics companies, producing digital and analog games, and advertising agencies. The studies will also make it possible to find a job in electronic media, cultural institutions and publishing houses, including interactive ones.

Choice of specialty

In the first and second semester, general art and tool subjects are carried out, giving the basis for the construction of design works in the field of Games and interactive graphics. The third semester includes, among others, two specialization subjects in the field of graphic design and game design, which facilitate the final choice of study specialization. At the end of the third semester, the student chooses a specialization, the implementation of which covers the fourth, fifth and sixth semester of studies. The specialization that the student chooses is correlated with the choice of the diploma seminar, which also takes place at the end of the third semester of studies. Its implementation lasts in the fourth, fifth and sixth semesters. For interested students, the university also allows you to study two specializations at the same time. Additionally, the student chooses the level of proficiency in a foreign language, which is taught during four semesters of study. A very important element of the studies with a practical profile is the choice of the place for the implementation of apprenticeships. The university also provides information support in the field of internships, in particular as part of cooperation with companies and partner institutions. The university also allows for crediting professional work, internship or voluntary work as a student apprenticeship.

Study programme

Bachelor's studies in Game Design specialization include, among others:

Wybrane przedmioty:

  • Graphic image
  • Image creation
  • The theory of digital interactive media
  • Graphic design
  • Basics of photography and film
  • Digital tools - basics of raster and vector graphics
  • Digital tools - the basics of editorial graphics
  • Digital tools - basics of 3D graphics
  • Advanced digital tools
  • Multimedia
  • 3D graphics
  • 3D animation
  • Basics of game design
  • Psychological and sociological aspects in games
  • Game level design
  • Designing mechanics and narration in games
  • Game sound design
  • Promotion of games and Youtube
  • VR - virtual reality in games

Selected lecturers:

  • prof. dr hab. Wiesław Karolak
  • prof. dr hab. Adam Romaniuk
  • prof. dr hab. Jacek Rykała
  • prof. dr hab. Jan Szmatloch
  • dr Jakub Cikała
  • dr Milena Michałowska
  • mgr Tomasz Biderman
  • mgr Jonasz Gajewski
  • mgr Marek Golonka
  • mgr Aleksandra Jarosz
  • mgr Aleksandra Krupa
  • mgr Dariusz Łęczycki
  • mgr Weronika Mehr
  • mgr Paweł Siodłok
  • mgr Piotr Surmacz
  • mgr Jędrzej Szweda
  • Piotr Budzisz
Language teaching lasts for 2 years of study. Scholarship system: By choosing this specialization, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the scholarship system available at our university from the first year of study. Depending on the situation, you can take advantage of the Rector's Scholarship, Social Scholarship and the Scholarship for people with disabilities. You will decide whether you will use the money from the scholarship to cover the tuition fees or for any other purpose. If you have any questions about the scholarship system, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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