Upper Silesian University of Entrepreneurship Karola Goduli in Chorzów conducts university studies with a practical profile. It is a university open to developing faculties and specializations drawing from various areas of knowledge. In the process of education, he emphasizes, in particular, creative and entrepreneurial activity as well as the marriage of business, art and nature. The university is a place to initiate, organize and implement events and projects in partnership with business, the creative environment, social and professional environments, local governments and non-profit organizations.

The university provides specialist knowledge, practical skills and social competences to find and perform a satisfactory job. In addition, the participation of students in the management of the University and the improvement of educational programs is taken into account. The educational profile is innovative in terms of content and forms, as well as taking into account the changing needs of the market and the expectations of employers. The measure of the University’s success is the high degree of identification of students and graduates with their Alma Mater.

Download Strategy of the Upper Silesian University of Entrepreneurship: Strategy of GWSP 2016 (.pdf)

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