About the University

Upper Silesian University of Entrepreneurship Karola Goduli is a university with a practical profile educating in the field of economic sciences, in the field of art and in the discipline of health sciences. The University offers first-cycle studies confirming higher education and giving the professional title of a bachelor. The University’s offer also includes postgraduate studies and other forms of education.

Practical training is carried out with the participation of practitioners-professionals, taking into account the expectations of entrepreneurs and prepares them to undertake second-cycle studies. Education at the Górnośląska Wyższa Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości im. Karol Godula includes:

  • study programs opening new perspectives and career paths,
  • conducting classes in small groups carrying out study and analytical works as well as individual and team development projects,
  • meetings and classes for students conducted by representatives of local and regional companies and institutions,
  • field classes and study trips carried out in various facilities and scenery,
  • apprenticeships ensuring the implementation of diploma theses of high practical utility, facilitating professional promotion or gaining a new job.

Studies ensure an increase in self-esteem and managing one’s own life. They professionally enrich each student and facilitate the creation and satisfaction of individual life aspirations. During the studies, the University provides building a network of external contacts and personality profiling as creative professionals sought by innovative companies and institutions.

The university operates on a modern campus ensuring study in one place. It has infrastructure, equipment, procedures and programs that meet modern standards and ensure high quality of education. The University campus has its own large parking lot and a mini-park as a recreational and educational space. The university is well connected with the surroundings thanks to numerous bus, tram and train connections in the immediate vicinity of the campus. Easy access by your own car is provided by the Drogowa Trasa Średnicowa and the A4 motorway.

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